Sherbert the stroodle

Name Sherbert
Gender Male
Species Stroodle
Age 23
Relatives mango (brother)

Scythe (brother)

Good or Evil Good
Status Alive


Sherbert is a Stroodle.He is cyan ball with a lush red nose.He is currently 23.When he was little he and his brother Mango were transported mysteriously to another planet of their home planet Orbius.Since then they been living on the planet in hopes of one day returning back to their home and finding their parents.


Sherbert has 2 brothers Scythe,the eldest of them and Mango,the youngest.Sherbert is the middle born child.Sherbert takes care of his little brother mango.His brother scythe is power hungry and resides on Orbius.Sherbert's parents were the king and queen of Orbius but ever since they disappeared Scythe has been ruling over Orbius.


Flame Taunt


Throughout sherbert's series there is tons of fighting.He can also go Super which turns him gold and doubles his speed,accuracy,toughness,and power. He favors his feet,because they are the strongest weapon he has.He delivers devastating blows with his foot torwards enemies.


Sherbert was created long ago when I, Dream-caster , was in 7th grade.He started out as a little blue ball with a big red nose.Since then I decided to give him hands,feet,and shoes. I was then introduced to Scratch.I started creating animations with scratch.I then made my first Sherbert episode,Sherbert Chronicles.In which sherbert would avenge his friend gadget after he was murdered by the evil mage abyss.It became a hit everyone liked it including my friends.Since then sherbert has grown,he has his own website Supersherbert.I will continue to make him progress maybe one day he will be on TV or in a game!